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Featured Farm

Featured Farm

JV Farms is one of the JV Smith Companies farming operations. They grow lettuce, broccoli, and other intensively farmed vegetable crops. Formed in 1988 by John and Vic Smith, JV grows crops in the Yuma Valley, Gila Valley, Wellton-Mohawk, and Bard, CA. This family owned company has a long tradition of commitment to quality, nutrition and safety in the products they grow.

Green Onions, Broccolette, and Arugula

The Menu


Garden Cafe

The Garden Cafe

250 S. Madison Ave.
Lunch Tastings

The Garden’s Own Charred Broccolette Salad

The Patio

The Patio Restaurant & Bar at the Hills

Desert Hills Golf Course
1245 Desert Hills Dr.
Dinner Tastings

Grilled Broccolette Tacos with Arugula Chimichurri and Charred Green Onions

2 Fifty 1

2 Fifty 1

251 S. Main Street
Lunch Tastings

Broccolette Cheese Crisp

Mostly Muffins

Mostly Muffins

2455 W. 16th Street
Lunch Tastings

Summer Broccolette salad

Avocado tomato cucumber and arugula salad

Takos & Beer

Takos & Beer

2071 S 4th Ave.
Dinner Tastings

Charred grill Broccolette, with arugula green onion vinaigrette topped with shaved Parmesan

Prsion Hill Brewery

Prison Hill Brewery

278 S. Main Street
-Dinner & Lunch Tastings-

Arugula Salad topped with grilled broccolette and scallions drizzled with a balsamic reduction



505 E. 16th Street
-Lunch Tastings-

Sauteed Broccolini

Ironwood Steakhouse

Ironwood Steakhouse

525 Algodones Rd. (Quechan Casino Resort)
-Dinner Tastings-

Five Onion Soup

Cavattapi Pasta with Pork Sausage, Broccolette and Arugula